About Dr. Angela

Dr. Angela Kenzslowe

As a clinical psychologist, entrepreneur, author, transformational speaker, actor and visionary, Dr. Angela Kenzslowe has been empowering others to live their best life for more than 20 years.  Throughout her professional career she has helped others heal from psychological trauma, has taught business courses at the collegiate level, been featured in TV and Film, launched several entrepreneurial ventures, and has assisted others to live their best personal and professional lives.

She was trained by the Department of Defense and founded Purple Heart Behavioral Health LLC to help both service-members and civilians heal from trauma, depression and anxiety. She’s been quoted in major publications discussing healing strategies and tips to attain good mental health.  As a scientist, she conducted original empirical research to move the science of psychology forward by focusing on the inclusion of minority professionals within the field of psychology.

Additionally, Dr. Kenzslowe earned an MBA and founded Kenzslowe Consulting LLC to continue to coach, mentor and consult with business professionals and entrepreneurs to become the most effective and successful professionals possible. She helps people achieve their targeted goals with specific outcomes to overcome environmental or internal obstacles that prevent them from reaching their potential.  She incorporates her doctoral level behavioral science expertise when working with business professionals as it is more strategic, more specific, and time limited when coupled with her business education and her entrepreneurial experiences.  Furthermore, Dr. Kenzslowe’s undergraduate degree in theatre, and her involvement in TV and film, have allowed her to share a creative space with many A-list celebrities. Being an Army Veteran, her discipline and drive are ever present.  

She currently brings these skills to projects, panels and speaking engagements.Dr. Angela Kenzslowe is a highly sought-after transformational speaker. Her collective experiences have provided her a plethora of life knowledge that she uses to empower those with whom she comes in contact.  Her authenticity exudes from the stage whether discussing healing or business. She captivates listeners and creates intimate spaces for both large and small audiences. Her engaging style and graceful demeanor allow her to connect with corporate executives to teenage moms. She shares science-based strategies to heal from the past, defeat self-doubt and negative beliefs about oneself and the world, cultivate emotional resilience and flourish in both personal and professional success.

She is a lover of life. She believes we get one life and wants the best life possible. She has a passion for helping others, whether healing emotional trauma, helping launch businesses or finding peace. Dr. Kenzslowe believes we should be free to be our true and authentic selves and hopes her contributions to the world make it a better place.